Pienso Lounge – OPEN

Posted on October 31, 2017 by piensoadmin

Welcome to the Pienso Lounge, a place to discuss everything Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We’re a group of humanistic designers, machine learning hackers, full-stack engineers, user-experience doyens, and business pros who believe in the power of human-machine collaboration.

As technology continues to become ubiquitous and data increasingly grows, the collaboration between humans and machines will become more critical for business.

Pienso (pronounced- pēn’sō) is a startup company focused on empowering subject matter experts and analysts with machine learning tools that provide better BIG data results. No advanced statistics, no data science, no engineering, no computer science, and no technical knowledge required. We take care of all that stuff and leave your business expertise to you.

Pienso is a Spanish term that means “I think,” and we believe subject matter experts and analysts are essential stakeholders in the business process and their perspective can have enormous value. Having these experts directly participate in training the way machines learn and think is critical to capturing value. That’s why we built Pienso, a self-service machine learning platform that helps non-technical domain experts enhance their value.

Stop by our lounge for updates on ML & AI (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) news, talks, interviews, and happenings.