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7 Questions with Pienso Co-founder and CTO

Pienso’s CTO and co-founder, Karthik Dinakar, was recently interviewed on Prateek Joshi’s popular Infinite Machine Learning podcast. That episode drops on August 14th!

Each episode concludes with a lightning round of questions.

Here’s a preview of Karthik’s intriguing responses:

What’s your favorite book?

What’s your biggest AI prediction for 2023?

Enterprises will soon realize they need to invest in their own LLM regime and that they need to do it quickly for competitive advantage.

What has been the strangest AI event over the last 12 months?

Emergent properties of LLMs with scaling beyond 100 billion parameters. 

What separates good AI products from great AI products?

Great AI products are rigorously and intensely human experience-centric. Human-Computer Interactions and AI haven’t always been friends. 

What have you changed your mind about recently?

I used to think most data scientists would find it hard to co-train / collaborate with domain experts. The biggest surprise is they actually enjoy this much more than staring at a command prompt.  

What’s your favorite question to ask in job interviews?

What was very exciting to you last year and what excites you the most currently?

What’s your #1 advice to founders?

Think for yourself and resist authority.