Pienso is a deep tech MIT spinoff based on years of research into interactive deep learning and reflective user interaction

We're a potent blend of full-stack engineers, machine learning wizards, and UX gurus — with decades of AI experience between us.

A deep tech mit spinoff based on years of research

  • Birago and Karthik first met in grad school at MIT, collaborating on a class project that would eventually grow into Pienso.

  • The project explored how machine learning could help address cyberbullying among teens on social media: How might AI empower human content moderators?

  • Many of the ideas developed in this project would go on to become core to Pienso and its mission.

Birago Jones
Karthik Dinakar

Democratize machine learning and make it accessible

Pienso was created to make machine learning accessible by putting it directly in the hands of the people who need it. When subject matter experts train models, we can reduce harmful misclassifications and accelerate informed decision-making. That's the power of Pienso.