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The Building Blocks of Generative AI

With Pienso, build Generative AI that generates ROI

Manipulating a Large Language Model to speak the language of your organization is an important initial step in developing generative AI applications. However, this process  requires advanced technical skills to build and implement.

Data scientists and machine learning engineers are scarce. When they’re available, they’re rarely experts in the data’s subject matter — often leaving  models without nuance and context.

Since conditions are never static and change with every challenge —  this method doesn’t move fast enough or provide critical context necessary for generative AI to be personalized and effective. 

Pienso offers a  solution by empowering domain experts with  the power of data science, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning. Non-technical users can now construct, deploy,  and manage AI models, imbued with their own understanding of the data and context, all without the need for coding. By utilizing these aligned Large Language Models, organizations can build the AI applications they need now, faster, and flexibly retrain them in the future.

Overcome the agony of the status quo.

Pienso’s approach avoids hidden risk and costs of using LLMs while putting your subject experts in the driver’s seat.

The status quo:





Unlock a better way to tackle AI.

Put your SMEs in the driver’s seat.

The no-code interface means that your domain experts can train models directly, whether they have data science and programming skills or not, yielding more accurate models.

Train on your own data.

While Large Language Models or pre-trained models are trained on someone else’s data and lack specificity, Pienso allows you to build models based on your own unique data.

Never move your data.

Pienso does not rely on any third-party services or APIs, which means that your data never needs to be transmitted outside of your secure environment.

Deploy anywhere.

Pienso runs on the major cloud providers, as well as on-premise, meaning that your deployment can align with your organization’s IT and Security strategy.

Annotate your training data.

Pienso makes it easy to rapidly and accurately annotate massive volumes of text data, which can then be used to train powerful Deep Learning models.

Integrate with your existing systems.

Pienso’s APIs provide the ability to integrate with the systems already housing your unstructured data, and allow inference results to be delivered wherever you’d like to receive them.

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