Pienso x Graphcore

Pienso and Graphcore share a vision for a better world delivered through increased access to artificial intelligence.

A.I. for All

When subject matter experts can label their own data, train and re-train their own models, and deploy them without seeing a single line of code, machine learning can reach its advertised potential.

Armed with the computational power to make self-service text analytics actionable, our partnership couples DIY deep learning with designed-for-AI processors to deliver insights at a pace and with an ease never before seen.

"We are making it so you don't need to have an ML ops team in order to train and test models with bleeding-edge AI technology like Graphcore IPUs. We make it easy to buy, configure and deploy with your own text data. So you can see for yourself the real-time insights that no-code tagging, training and modeling deliver."

– Graphcore CEO Nigel Toon & Pienso CEO Birago Jones


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Data Science Designed for Leaders

  • Activating Citizen Data Scientists for Non-Technical Teams

    If you’re a functional leader frustrated with your team’s technical limitation to apply AI/ML solutions to your strategy, you’re not alone.
    In the current economic climate, business leaders must focus on digital transformation through AI that delivers tangible business outcomes to maintain relevance and show value.

    Demand for ML Ops and Data Analysts is surging.

    If your team’s project isn’t first in line, why not Do It Yourself?

    Data analytics experts Pienso and AI cloud compute specialists Graphcore can take on the heavy lifting, meaning you can get started without hiring a team of AI engineers.

Data Science for Business, No Data Science Team Required

Data Science for Business, No Data Science Team Required

Pienso’s no code/low code interface equips non-technical users to derive insights from their text data - structured and unstructured. Running on Graphcore’s made-for-AI processors, those insights arrive 4x faster.


Learn more about our Graphcore partnership. Preview the latest Nvidia GPU vs Graphcore IPU MLperf benchmarks. Hear how you can apply for a turnkey Pienso x Graphcore pilot with your own data.


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  • Pienso and Graphcore Empower Business with Deeper, Faster, AI Insights

    Pienso + Graphcore is aimed at enterprise users — anyone trying to get high quality, high speed insights from large amounts of written data. No coding or ML skills are needed to build and run models in Pienso, meaning it can be used by subject matter experts and strategic decision makers within a business, removing reliance on in-demand AI engineers.

  • Huge "foundation models" are turbo-charging AI process


    The "good computer" which Graphcore, a British chip designer, intends to build over the next few years might seem to be suffering from a ludicrous case of nominal understatement. Its design calls for it to carry out 10^19 calculations per second. If your laptop can do 100bn calculations a second—which is fair for an average laptop—then the Good computer will be 100m times faster.

  • A Closer Look At Graphcore ML Performance


    When companies announce MLPerf results, the non-benchmark commentary tends to get lost in the head-to-head comparisons, requiring additional parsing to analyze the impacts. In Graphcore's case, the 'rest of the story' surpasses the excellent benchmark runs, as it validates the architecture and points to future capabilities, scale, and flexibility that will be available into today's hardware.