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Customer Insights

Your customers are at the center of everything you do — but how completely do you understand their experience?

Customer experiences are complex, and while you have a mountain of data that can help you understand them, chances are you’re only using a fraction of it.  About 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured, meaning that much of that intelligence is locked away in text.

You need an AI tool that puts human expertise in the loop, to unlock insights and actions hidden in that mountain of data.  No data science skills required.

See how Pienso helped Sky deliver ROI.

The UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, Sky, gets over half a million calls from their customers each week. How could they turn this endless stream of conversations into an opportunity?

Sky UK, part of Comcast, is a British broadcaster and telecommunications company that provides television and broadband Internet services, fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. It is the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster.

Sky’s contact center fields roughly 500,000 calls per week, and their Insights team is charged with improving customer experience, and reducing costs.  To do so, Sky uses Pienso to intelligently and automatically analyze all customer interactions, accomplishing the following:

Topic Classification
Pienso classifies each conversation into topics, as defined by Sky. This classification allows Sky to triage and prioritize urgent or critical issues.
Emotions & Sentiment
Pienso’s Emotions model is run against all conversations, allowing Sky to correlate issues with the experience of the end customer.
Intelligent Sampling
Pienso’s insights allow Sky to quickly and accurately locate example conversations that possess the desired attributes, which allows for further analysis, as well as compliance and quality control.
Alistair Smith
Head of Customer Insights, Sky

Pienso allows us to use call data in a way we could not before. Listening to a lot of calls not fast nor scalable.

With Pienso, we understand the themes emerging from a high volume of calls, with much less time and effort, and with less subjectivity and more acuity using the Pienso topic-scoring model.

And the topic scoring model gets better as we evolve it. It’s made it easier and faster for us to answer questions.

Use Cases

Customer Insights come in many forms.

Root Cause Analysis


Call types as dispositioned in your CRM system only tell a piece of the story. They are only as accurate as the agent’s input, and they do not account for the unknown issues.


Pienso empowers SMEs to train models infused with their nuanced and ever-evolving understanding of the business.

Outcome Tracing

Agents manually indicate the disposition of a call, but that selection is often subjective and is not indicative of the customer’s perceived experience.
Pienso combines models that classify dispositions by both the language used, as well as the emotion/sentiment experienced by the caller.

Churn Predictor

Customer interactions contain a wealth of data that could indicate the likelihood of customer attrition.
Pienso models can identify interaction characteristics that can then be correlated to attrition, to identify customers requiring intervention.

Agent Performance


Evaluating agent performance is too often subjective, and far too often based on a small sample that is not indicative of overall effectiveness.

Pienso employs models focused on content plus models focused on customer experience, to provide a richer and fairer picture of agent performance.

Help Desk Analysis

Internal requests can be just as varied and complex as those from external customers. Better serving those stakeholders’ needs requires a fuller understanding of the issues and the ability to examine response effectiveness.
Pienso models can be fine-tuned to your organization’s process and system uniqueness, and aimed at detecting operational issues before they prevent your people from doing their jobs.

Fraud Detection

Preventing fraud is core to protecting your customers’ interests, as well as your own. But when so much of a given fraudulent activity takes the form of human interaction, the red flags are hidden in the unstructured data.
Pienso makes sense of that unstructured data, helping you to uncover risks and fraudulent activity at scale, and taking into account the nuances of your business and industry.