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Document Intelligence

A massive amount of your organization’s data is sitting in unstructured, free-text documents — so how do you systematically make sense of it?

About 80% of your organization’s data is hidden in unstructured data, including long-form documents like contracts, emails and presentations.  Until it’s structured, it’s nearly impossible to derive insights, much less establish automated processes.  But when such documents are so unique to your business, off-the-shelf AI tools lack valuable context.

You need an AI tool that puts human expertise in the loop, to unlock insights and actions hidden in that mountain of data.  No data science skills required.

Use Cases

Document Intelligence can take many forms.

Topic Classification


Long-form documents typically cover an array of topics, and traditional knowledge management systems attempt to classify based on low-accuracy techniques such as word-spotting or generic AI models.

Pienso empowers SMEs to train classification models infused with their nuanced understanding of the business, so that topic discovery and classification is fine-tuned, rather than generic.

Risk Management

Contracts and Statements of Work are dense, and are generally the domain of the legal department.  But those documents contain language that could be indicative of business or project risks.

Pienso allows business stakeholders to train models that look for areas of risk, based on their real past experience.  Identified risks can be escalated for further review, avoiding costly mistakes.

Knowledge Base Management

Your internal and external knowledge bases contain a wealth of information, but it’s only helpful if it’s readily accessible and navigable.
Pienso models can be used to classify and tag thousands and thousands of KB articles, so you can use those tags to intelligently and accurately direct users to the most helpful information.