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Pienso is UI for AI.

Use your data to train Large Language Models to speak the language of your business — without ever seeing a line of code.

Interoperable across all major LLM providers. Deployable in-cloud or on-premise. Pienso is AI orchestration that powers real-time insights.



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Pienso means ROI for AI.

How could Pienso work for you?

See Pienso in practice.

Customer Insights
Document Intelligence
Content Moderation
What type of data do you have?
  • Chat logs
  • Call transcripts
  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Agent notes
  • Survey responses
  • Contracts
  • Scholarly articles
  • Knowledge base articles 
  • FAQs
  • Presentations
  • Social media posts
  • Website comments
  • Chat logs
  • Emails
What do you want to know?
  • How do customers feel about our brand? Where is NPS wrong?
  • What are customers calling about? How can we respond better?
  • What common issues can we address proactively to reduce call volume?
  • What topics are in our documentation? How can we surface the most relevant info faster?
  • Which documents are outdated or inaccurate?
  • How can I sort this haystack to find my needle more quickly?
  • How do we identify misinformation, hate speech, and threats?
  • What risks are users introducing via our platform?
  • How can we consistently identify bad actors whose tactics are constantly evolving?
Who trains the models?
  • Customer Experience
  • Data & Insights
  • Product & Service
  • Legal
  • Product Management
  • Domain experts
  • Content Moderators
  • Security Experts
  • HR & Compliance
Why Pienso?

Your data is unique to your organization and rich with nuance. Off-the-shelf AI models lack that context, and AI tools require advanced data science or programming skills. Pienso puts Subject Matter Experts in the driver’s seat by making AI interactive, efficient and effective— no coding required.

Pienso provides the building blocks of Generative AI.

With Pienso as your partner, apply Generative AI to deliver ROI.

Don’t marry the first model you meet.

High-priced and huge, general-purpose LLMs aren’t right for every task. Find the right one for your use case — and change your mind later.

Incentivize — don’t penalize — AI experimentation.

Pay only for the models you deploy, not for training. Iterate endlessly.

Don’t donate your data — to anyone.

Your data is precious. Keep it private. Working through a cloud-hosted LLM to fine-tune your model requires sharing your data — why pay to donate your data?

Maintain your data sovereignty.

Keep your data on-site. Pienso hosts the LLMs, so you won’t need to send your data to an API. And we’ll never see your data.

Deliver precise insights — not “good enough.”

No-code UI puts the subject expert in charge. Don’t settle for good enough. The best models require consistent tuning. Better models = better insights.

Own — don't rent —your AI models.

Accessing your models via API amounts to long-term leasing, not ownership.

How does Pienso work?

Pienso is a software platform of interconnected AI tools. Let’s take a tour.