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insights – your Large Language Models.

Large Language Models

Pienso brings data science and deep learning under your direction and control. The power’s in our Large Language Models – imbued with your insights and aligned to your aims.

We’ll help you use Large Language Models in a whole new way. But first, some explanations…

What are Large Language Models?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are built using advanced AI algorithms trained on vast amounts of text data that can be used to explore further datasets like yours. Based transformer (deep learning) architectures, LLMs can perform a range of natural language processing (NLP) tasks – including finding and summarizing information, generating text, and performing analysis tailored to your needs.

Why are LLMs so important?

There’s more data than ever, but most of it is in unstructured form. PDFs, emails, Word documents, presentations, and so on contain a wealth of hidden information that can help businesses strategize, improve, and thrive. For many businesses faced with ever-increasing data – and competition – harnessing the full potential of LLMs will mean the difference between success and failure. Pienso puts you on the right footing from the start and help you rigorously curate your own LLM regime.

Does Pienso use open-source or closed-source LLMs?

Pienso’s Model Garden consists solely of open-source models, which we believe is the right choice for anyone seeking a rich and futureproof approach to AI over a generic one.

What makes open-source LLMs superior?

First, open-source models can be extensively fine-tuned. Pienso guides you to the best version for your use case.

Second, closed-source models change based on the amount of data or tasks used. With Pienso, you can iterate freely and pay only for what you deploy.

Last but not least, open-source models offer complete transparency – so you can understand, verify and ultimately trust their outputs.

Pienso’s open-source models are like a recipe. You can follow the instructions and make as many changes as you like along the way.

Closed-source models such as GPT-4 are like a fully-cooked entree at a restaurant. If you don’t like it, you’ll have to order (and pay for) another.

What’s different about Pienso’s use of LLMs?

With Pienso’s unique Fingerprinting Workspace, you can teach LLMs to understand the nuance of your data and your business. Once fine-tuned, those LLMs can be deployed from within the Pienso platform, and connected to your data’s source systems, for unparalleled analytical power at your fingertips.

A garden of LLMs, grown to your specifications.

No one model can do everything. That’s why Pienso helps you bring a garden of LLMs together to answer your most complex questions – with the flexibility to retrain and adapt them as quickly as your needs and aims evolve.

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