It takes a team to build a bridge between people and AI.

Pienso helps connect data and technology in an accessible way for experts who have the subject insights to use both fully. To our team, it’s also a bridge to the AI-powered world that anyone can cross – and to a community where everyone is welcome to experiment, create, and learn.

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The story of Pienso begins at MIT. Here, our founders came together with a simple insight: that there’s no replacement for human expertise, even in the world of AI.

  • While exploring AI-based content moderation in the MIT labs, Karthik Dinakar and Birago Jones realized that what was most needed was a way to put human expertise back in the loop. They envisioned a simple point-and-click interface that would enable experts in any field to interact with machine learning – without dependence on developers, and without losing any of their hard-won insights.

  • In 2016, they created Pienso, with the aim of becoming the leading machine learning platform for non-programmers. Within one year, the company had raised seed funding from Eniac Ventures, Uncork, Indicator Ventures and MIT E14 Fund. Now headquartered in Arlington, VA / DC, Pienso works with governments, media companies, pharmaceutical companies and all kinds of other knowledge industries to help their specialists use and train language models.

Our people and our news

  • Celebrating $10 Million in Series A Funding

    Birago Jones

    Celebrating $10 Million in Series A Funding
  • CogX Honors Trailblazing NLP Advancements by Pienso and Graphcore

    Pienso Engineering

    CogX Honors Trailblazing NLP Advancements by Pienso and Graphcore
  • Congratulations to our customer Sky


    Congratulations to our customer Sky
  • Harnessing the power of human.

    There’s no replacement for human expertise. That’s why we built Pienso – to help subject experts explore every corner of their data. Because when we know more, we can do more.

    Work culture

    • Our culture reflects the features that make Pienso unique. We’re accessible, not hierarchical; connected, not siloed; and committed to making technology accessible to all.

    Thoughtful. Playful. Purposeful. Humble.

    • We value thoughtfulness

      Thoughtfulness is embedded in our culture – even our name means ‘to think’.  We approach problems with the human in mind, asking: how can we help people know and do more? We’re not moving fast and breaking things; we take time to consider every angle. Outcomes matter to our team.

    • We value playfulness

      We believe a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity are essential to creativity – and play is part of our product and our philosophy. Through it we see things from different angles, imagining new solutions and discovering new questions to ask.

    • We value purpose

      Goal-oriented and outcome-led, we’re optimistic about what Pienso can do for people and pragmatic about the learning curve to get there. With expertise and empathy, we guide our users to their ‘eureka’ moment when use becomes understanding – and we look for those moments in our own work.

    • We value humility

      We do all of the above with humility because we’re always learning, too. Our customers continually surprise us with the scope of their ideas, taking Pienso places we hadn’t considered ourselves. We respect the innovators who have come before us, the experts of today, and the world we’re building together.