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Pienso Platform

Pienso’s interactive learning interface is designed to help you use AI to its fullest without using any code. Our platform guides you through the process of training and deploying LLMs imprinted with your expertise and fine-tuned for your questions.

Meticulously-crafted prompt engineering

A garden of customized LLMs through which you can freely explore your data.

Pienso’s platform at a glance

Features like Fingerprinting make it easy to train models, while Annote unlocks Deep Learning for your deepest questions and insights.

  1. Ingest

    Upload your raw data no matter where it may reside and prepare it for exploration & discovery, fine-tuning LLMs or writing sophisticated prompts.

  2. Train and Fingerprint

    Refine categories and use ML algorithms to train models with your subject knowledge.

  3. Annotate

    Apply your trained models on new language data to get instant insights.

  4. Data Set Analysis

    Explore your data through AI-powered analysis and visualizations. 

How to work with Pienso

How to work with Pienso

  • Start with structured or unstructured data.

    Start with structured or unstructured data.

    Whether you’re a non-technical type, a data scientist, or an analyst — and whether your data is structured or raw — Pienso can help you categorize, label and analyze it.

  • Train easily, experiment boundlessly.

    Train easily, experiment boundlessly.

    Sculpt each topic and imprint your intuitive knowledge with nuanced labels and categorizations. Instead of committing to one general LLM, use the best model for your current need.

  • Fine-tune with full transparency.

    Fine-tune with full transparency.

    While some closed-source LLMs allow limited fine-tuning, they’re nothing like the customization possible when you can see and change every perimeter. Fine-tune your LLM and pay only when you deploy — that’s the power of Pienso.

  • Own your models –
and their integrity.

    Own your models –
and their integrity.

    Closed-model providers like GPT-4 can suddenly change parameters, making them unreliable. With Pienso, you have complete control over your models — no changes that you haven’t made yourself.

  • Deploy quickly and cost-effectively.

    Deploy quickly and cost-effectively.

    Deploy your fine-tuned LLM in your own environment under your enterprise security. Accelerate deployment on cloud through our trusted low-latency partners like Gcore for the ideal combination of security and speed.


Turn unstructured data into training data

Pienso accepts all types of language data. Upload emails, contracts, transcripts and more. Great outcomes need great training data – Pienso Ingest does the groundwork.

Explore every corner.

Analyse langage data (no matter how much or how raw) to unearth hidden patterns, trends, and insights.

Integrate with your existing systems.

Receive results wherever you like – Pienso’s APIs integrate with the systems already housing your unstructured data.

Elevate your performance.

Use the insights you reveal to inform strategic decisions and operational improvements in your organization.

We built a foundation that’s futureproof and forward-looking.

  • Our infrastructure is hyper-optimized for flexibility and functionality. We’re always pushing the boundaries – for example, by working with Graphcore to make speed as important as simplicity.

Train and Fingerprint

Collaborate with ML algorithms to train models

Refine Pienso’s initial categorisation to your satisfaction. Interact with ML algorithms through an intuitive, no-code interface that lets you train models ‘fingerprinted’ with your insights.

Fine-tune models to your needs
LLMs trained on someone else’s data lack specificity. Pienso allows you to build models unique to you and your organization.

Own your AI models
For the best results, you need consistent models, and total control over any updates – only possible when you own them yourself.

Change LLMs as needed
With Pienso, you can craft the right LLM for your use case, and change them as needed – rather than being locked to one generic model.

We democratized LLMs by taking the technical out of the training.

  • Training LLMs in the language of your organization is an essential step towards transformation. With Pienso, anyone can take that step – no technical training required.


Annotate new datasets by applying trained models

Apply your trained and finalized models to quickly label new datasets. Accurate annotation is the key to unlocking Pienso’s Deep Learning for complex use cases and unmatched analytical power.

Track and monitor subject-specific nuances.
Continuously monitor large datasets to identify subtle shifts that can indicate emerging opportunities or threats.

Automate your document understanding.
Automate the process of extracting insights from complex documents – reducing labour-intensive manual analysis, and freeing time for more thoughtful work.

Find new use cases for Deep Learning.
Unlock the power of Pienso’s Deep Learning for your most complex language analysis cases – for example, tracking propaganda as it evolves or automating content moderation.

We designed our security so your data never leaves your side.

  • Pienso does not rely on any third-party services or APIs, which means that your data never leaves your environment. And Pienso runs on the major cloud providers as well as on-premise, so your deployment can align with your organization’s IT and Security strategy.

Data Set Analysis

Continue the search
for deep insights

With Pienso’s Data Analysis, you can experiment with thresholds, or explore through visualizations – it’s a whole new way to see your subject and gain new knowledge. Data was just the beginning.

See further with intuitive visualizations
Our intuitive graphic interface helps you parse and understand results, while visualizations reveal fresh insights and give you further ideas to test.

Go deeper with deployment
Try out as many models as you need to get the results you want. Go as deep into data as your curiosity can take you – Pienso is the navigator, but you’re the explorer.

Our customers range from corporate strategists to government research analysts.

The cases below show how they are working with Pienso to reveal patterns, trends and insights that help their organizations make better decisions, improve customer service, and reach goals.

  • Sky uses Pienso to find out how their customers are feeling – and improves their customer service as a result.

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  • Lydonia helps companies turn their analysts into domain data specialists through Pienso.

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  • Recognising harmful content is the first step in defeating it. Our government clients are using Pienso to flag threats and track propaganda.

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  • Monitoring subtle signals can reveal hidden risks. Commodities traders use Pienso to turn red flags into smart decisions.

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Your path to AI independence.

NLQ and PromptFactory

  • With the launch of PromptFactory, Pienso customers can not only create but also test prompts before deploying them live. This gives them an unprecedented amount of direct control and flexibility, with the ability to adapt models quickly as they need.

  • Through PromptFactory and Pienso’s new NLQ capabilities, anyone can use Natural Language Queries to interrogate their data repositories – making our platform among the first to truly democratize fast and effective GenAI for everyday tasks across industries.

All the power of AI, with none of the power drain.

  • Our platform offers a middle ground between a dedicated GenAI engineering team and a generic, out-of-the-box AI solution. Save your internal engineering resources, while benefiting from the full power of bespoke GenAI – Pienso is perfectly aligned with your unique needs and objectives.

Ready to explore?

Start small, build as big as you like, construct and reconstruct – this is your opportunity to collaborate boundlessly with AI and discover all your data has to tell you.

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