Find the needle in your data haystack à la Lydonia

Document intelligence

You know that the answers to all your questions lie deep in documents. And that the only way to reach them is through AI. But when generic AI tools have let you down, where do you go?

Pienso is where intelligence meets intelligence. Designed to help subject experts like you train LLMs directly, Pienso takes you further into your data – using your insights to go where the others can’t.

Lydonia helps industry clients turn Artificial Intelligence into document intelligence. Pienso makes it possible.

  • As a leading AI consulting firm, Lydonia’s mission is to guide and empower organizations as they make their digital transformation. Pienso helps Lydonia's clients harness the intel hidden in their documents – and gives them the tools to continue the discovery on their own.

How do I adapt AI models so they work for my industry?

Topic Classification

Pienso classifies each conversation into topics, as defined by the people who know the subject best. While generic AIs rely on low-accuracy techniques, Pienso’s fine-tuned classification makes topic discovery richer and more accurate.

The solution

For Lydonia, Pienso enables clients from several industries to parse documents and find hidden insights at scale, without manual analysis – all while keeping a human in the loop.

How do I put AI at the heart of my business?

Ongoing knowledge automation

As anyone can train its models for specific purposes and adapt them at speed, Pienso is the ideal tool for AI enterprise transformation. It’s the Photoshop equivalent of language AI – empowering industry specialists and teams with analytical skills that before Pienso would have required data scientists’ involvement.

Pienso works with Lydonia’s clients to automate key business functions safely and meaningfully, driving major efficiency savings.

Pienso’s unique approach delivers exactly what our customers need—real outcomes, swiftly achieved. Their secure and modular 'toolbox approach' to developing large language models is truly innovative and set to disrupt the current industry trends.  Pienso stands out with its straightforward and rigorous process that eliminates the need for heavy development, ensures there are no unexpected price increases, and uses cutting-edge autoregressive models to deliver rapid results.  Most importantly, their solutions are reliable – minimizing the risk of data 'hallucinations.

Kevin ScannellCEO, Lydonia

PromptFactory is your path to GenAI independence.

NLQ and PromptFactory

  • With the launch of PromptFactory, Pienso customers can not only create but also test prompts before deploying them live. This gives them an unprecedented amount of direct control and flexibility, with the ability to adapt models quickly as they need.

  • Through PromptFactory and Pienso’s new NLQ capabilities, anyone can use Natural Language Queries to interrogate their data repositories – making our platform among the first to truly democratize fast and effective GenAI for everyday tasks across industries.

Where intelligence meets intelligence.

Make the most of your company’s intelligence – in every form. Combine subject insights with the scale of LLMs to bring all your hidden intel into the light.

  • Our government and public sector clients are using sentiment analysis to track narratives and flag harmful content.

  • See how companies are using Pienso to find out how their customers are feeling – and improving their customer service (and business success) as a result.

  • Risks are harder than ever to spot. Our clients are keeping up with risks as they evolve, finding ways to ensure their safety and success through Pienso.