Pick up on the subtlest of signals like our banking clients

Risk Detection

Spotting the warning signs of risk relies on industry knowledge. You know your industry better than anyone – so when it comes to risk, why would you settle for a generic approach?

Pienso ensures that your subject-specific insights are carried through into the next evolution of risk management – where expert knowledge meets the speed and scale of AI.

Traders can now spot the red flags in their specific commodities market.
Pienso made that possible.

  • In the world of commodities trading, risk is everywhere. Markets are inherently volatile. Events can impact entire supply chains. As each commodity market operates according to its own dynamics, traders must develop a specialized knowledge base, in which risk plays a major part.  Collaborating with banking clients, we’re building an AI system for monitoring commodities risk that draws on the specialist knowledge of traders.

Can I make AI models specialized for very specific topics?

Topic Classification

Pienso classifies each conversation into topics, as defined by the people who know the subject best. While generic AIs rely on low-accuracy techniques, Pienso’s fine-tuned classification makes topic discovery richer and more accurate.

The solution

Traders are acutely attuned to the subtle indicators that suggest risk in their commodities market – after all, they deal with it daily.

With Pienso, individual traders are able to construct a classification taskforce made of many trained LLMs, allowing them to focus on data streams relevant to their particular commodities segment.

How do I spot the red flags in a continuous flow of data?

Search and analysis

With LLMs trained and deployed through Pienso, anyone can quickly find specific details in their data – even if that data is in the form of dense, complicated documents in varying formats, or continuous, free-form public content.

Can I make risk reports part of my daily workflow?

NQL and PromptFactory

With the launch of Pienso PromptFactory, traders will be able to not only create, but also test prompts before deploying them live. This gives them an unprecedented amount of direct control over the process, and the ability to adapt as quickly as markets change.

Through PromptFactory and Pienso’s new , anyone can use Natural Language Queries to interrogate their data repositories – including asking for daily risk reports and other analyses.


Your path to GenAI independence.

NLQ and PromptFactory

  • With the launch of PromptFactory, Pienso customers can not only create but also test prompts before deploying them live. This gives them an unprecedented amount of direct control and flexibility, with the ability to adapt models quickly as they need.

  • Through PromptFactory and Pienso’s new NLQ capabilities, anyone can use Natural Language Queries to interrogate their data repositories – making our platform among the first to truly democratize fast and effective GenAI for everyday tasks across industries.

See risks in all their shapes and sizes.

From project contracts to phishing emails, risks hide in many forms. By enabling stakeholders to train models based on their real past experience of risks, businesses can avoid costly mistakes.  Pienso can also help businesses keep up their defenses against cybersecurity threats, by giving them the ability to quickly and easily retrain models as bad actors’ strategies evolve.

Turn red flags into smart decisions.

By bringing your industry knowledge together with machine learning intelligence, Pienso helps you turn red flags into smart decisions and advantageous moves.

  • Explore how people across industries are using Pienso to quickly analyze documents and extract information from vast language datasets.

  • See how companies are using Pienso to find out how their customers are feeling – and improving their customer service (and business success) as a result.

  • Our government and public sector clients are using sentiment analysis to track narratives and flag harmful content.