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For anyone with a data set and a question.

Use Machine Learning to explore language data without a single line of code. Experiment, train, and deploy effortlessly, with an interactive and responsive learning interface that imprints your expertise at AI scale.

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Built for serious business.

  • As the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, Sky fields over 500,000 customer calls every week. They use Pienso to analyze this vast amount of data — revealing insights that help them gauge customer sentiment and triage urgent issues.


Harnessing the power of human.

There’s no replacement for human expertise. That’s why we built Pienso — to help subject experts explore every corner of their data. Because when we know more, we can do more.

Pienso allows us to use call data in a way we could not before. Listening to a lot of calls is not fast nor scalable. With Pienso, we understand the themes emerging from a high volume of calls, with much less time and effort, and
with less subjectivity and more acuity using the Pienso
topic-scoring model. And the topic scoring model gets better as we evolve it. It’s made it easier and faster for us to answer questions.

Alistair SmithHead of Customer Insights, SKY

Your data has more to tell you.

From analyzing customer conversations to fighting disinformation, Pienso helps experts like you to uncover every insight.

  1. Ingest

    From emails and contracts, to phone logs and libraries — Pienso Ingest accepts your raw and unstructured data, analyzes this vast amount of text instantaneously, and puts it into categories or topics.

  2. Train and Fingerprint

    Our simple but unique Fingerprinting Workspace puts you ‘in the loop’. Refine Pienso’s initial categorization with your knowledge — then use the algorithm to train your models until they’re ‘fingerprinted’ to your satisfaction.

  3. Annotate

    Pienso Annotate applies your trained models to quickly label datasets. Annotated datasets are the basis for the Deep Learning models that unlock Pienso’s analytical power — enabling you to track language as it evolves on a forum, for example.

  4. Data Set Analysis

    Pienso Data Set Analysis lets you fine-tune and discover. Experiment with thresholds, or search for deep insights through visualizations — it’s a whole new way to see your subject and take your knowledge further.

For everyone
who knows there's
more to learn.

  • Introducing PromptFactory

    PromptFactory helps you become fluent in the construction of production-caliber prompts without the need for code. Experiment, evaluate and deploy prompts reliably and safely, until you can construct at the level of an engineer.

Deep Learning is in your future.

Every specialist sector stands to benefit from the application of LLMs. Question, reflect, and invent new use cases — Pienso equips you with the tools to participate fully in the AI-powered world.

  • Content Moderation

    Because language use is always evolving.

    Content Moderation

    Flagging harmful or misleading content is one of today’s biggest challenges. Pienso’s Deep Learning enables nuanced moderation, while retraining models quickly and easily lets you keep pace.

  • Customer Insights

    Because customers tell you how they feel.

    Customer Insights

    You’ll likely have plenty of customer data — but are you using it fully? With Deep Learning, you can assess even subtle aspects like emotional response, evaluate agent performance, and predict churn, all of which help you retain customers.

  • Document Intelligence

    Because intel is hidden in your documents.

    Document Intelligence

    About 80% of an organisation’s intel is buried in unstructured documents. Imprinting your language models with your nuanced understanding makes classification far more accurate — with benefits that range from better tagging to detecting areas of risk.

  • Document Intelligence

    Because cyber criminals use AI too.

    Document Intelligence

    Cyber crime is skyrocketing and everyone’s at risk, as bad actors use the latest tech to circumvent security measures. Pienso helps you quickly and easily retrain models as their strategies evolve, keeping you a step ahead.

Build your own project

How to work with Pienso

How to work with Pienso

  • Start with structured or unstructured data.

    Start with structured or unstructured data.

    Whether you’re a non-technical type, a data scientist, or an analyst — and whether your data is structured or raw — Pienso can help you categorize, label and analyze it.

  • Train easily, experiment boundlessly.

    Train easily, experiment boundlessly.

    Sculpt each topic and imprint your intuitive knowledge with nuanced labels and categorizations. Instead of committing to one general LLM, use the best model for your current need.

  • Fine-tune with full transparency.

    Fine-tune with full transparency.

    While some closed-source LLMs allow limited fine-tuning, they’re nothing like the customization possible when you can see and change every perimeter. Fine-tune your LLM and pay only when you deploy — that’s the power of Pienso.

  • Own your models –
and their integrity.

    Own your models –
and their integrity.

    Closed-model providers like GPT-4 can suddenly change parameters, making them unreliable. With Pienso, you have complete control over your models — no changes that you haven’t made yourself.

  • Deploy quickly and cost-effectively.

    Deploy quickly and cost-effectively.

    Deploy your fine-tuned LLM in your own environment under your enterprise security. Accelerate deployment on cloud through our trusted low-latency partners like Gcore for the ideal combination of security and speed.

  • Own your AI models
  • Pay only for models deployed
  • Deploy in cloud or on-premises
  • Change LLMs as needed
  • Fast throughput, low latency

Your data stays private.

  • While some closed model providers use customer data to train their models, Pienso’s in-cloud, on-premise operation means your data remains just that — entirely yours. Because Pienso runs in your environment, you’re able to maintain your trusted enterprise security policies.

It takes a team to build a bridge between people and AI.

Pienso helps connect data and technology in an accessible way for experts who have the subject insights to use both fully.  To our team, it’s also a bridge to the AI-powered world that anyone can cross — and to a community where everyone is welcome to experiment, create, and learn.