Tailor Any Model for YOUR Business

Train any large language model to understand you

Pienso's code-free interface empowers subject matter experts to adapt models from OpenAI, Google, Hugging Face (and others) to understand, predict and act.

Pienso is interactive A.I. anyone can use. Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Paying for the wrong expertise

    Making a topic model from scratch takes advanced programming know-how — but that's expensive. And it can end up superseding the knowledge that matters most: familiarity with your data.
  • Tagging keeps dragging

    Labeling your own training data is slow and costly. Farming it out to "crowdworkers" can be fast and cheap, but compromises on expertise. And either approach leaves you stuck with a fixed taxonomy that's hard to evolve.
  • One size fits none

    Off-the-shelf models sound convenient, but rarely fit your data with the accuracy required. And coding-intensive controls for model refinement mean you're back where you started.
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There's a
better way.



Model in minutes, iterate endlessly

Spin up a test model in a few clicks, then refine and retrain it to your heart's content.


No coding required

Create, train, and test models entirely within our revolutionary graphic user interface, without ever seeing a line of code.


Train with your own data, any text data

Pienso is designed to train models with your own data, because we know that works best. Whether your data is unstructured or semi-structured, long or short, Pienso can help you parse it into insight.


De-silo your text data analysis

Pienso's built-in analysis tools means that your data scientists, subject matter experts, and analysts can all finally work in the same place.


No sticker shock

Your team may tackle a lot of challenges, but unpredictable costs shouldn't be one of them. That's why we don't charge by data volume — just a simple monthly fee.


Flexible architecture

Pienso is built to run on the infrastructure that best meets your storage and security needs, whether that's on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

  • Speed

  • Value

  • Models

You’ve got mountains of text data, filled with insights just waiting to be mined. See what sets Pienso apart →

Pienso scored the highest in the evaluation with a final score of 66 out of 70 possible points. It scored strongly in all of the KPIs with data ingest and model training being where it stood out the most. Data ingest and model training could be accomplished with no coding...

Independent Analysis of Seven Machine Learning Software Solutions Report published by one of the Big 4 on August 28, 2020