Your security is
our priority.


Our role is to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of everyone who uses Pienso.

Keep your data private, always.

Your data is precious. Models derived from your data are equally valuable. Pienso is designed and deployed to keep your data private. Unlike closed-source model platforms, we never see your data – let alone use it for training purposes.

Stay safe within your environment.

As Pienso is a self-contained platform, your data is never sent to a third-party API. It remains in your secure environment, on the infrastructure that aligns with your IT/Security posture.

Act with the confidence of compliance.

We are compliant with the strictest regulations such as SCO2. Pienso can be deployed without the need for APIs or third parties, further ensuring your data stays secure.

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Grow with a partner, not just a platform.

You have a partner in Pienso – one trusted by governments and some of the world’s biggest financial organizations. We’ll help you stay safe as you make the most of machine learning and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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