Put a name

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Customer Insights

Your customers are everything. Knowing how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking is vital to your success.

That information is buried in transcripts and texts, just waiting to be discovered. And Pienso is your data navigator – showing you insights that will enhance the way you act, respond and plan.

Sky made first responders top priority during the pandemic. Pienso made that possible.

  • Sky UK provides television and broadband Internet services to millions. Their contact center fields roughly half a million calls per week. With no technical background, Sky’s customer insight managers have been able to train and deploy models that let them dig deep into their language data.

  • Empowered to ask their most complex and urgent questions, they’ve unearthed valuable customer insights that help Sky triage critical cases and elevate their customer service.

Pienso allows us to use call data in a way we could not before. Listening to a lot of calls is not fast nor scalable.

Head of Customer Insights, SKY

How do we know which customers most need support?

Topic Classification

Pienso classifies each conversation into topics, as defined by the people who know the subject best. While generic AIs rely on low-accuracy techniques, Pienso’s fine-tuned classification makes topic discovery richer and more accurate.

The solution

In Sky’s case, customer insight managers defined topics and helped train models for text classification across transcripts, chats, service reports, and more.

During the pandemic, rapid classification helped Sky triage their response time – enabling them to prioritize customers such as hospitals and ambulance services, and ensuring critical services stayed online.

How do we ensure our service is as effective as possible?

Search and discovery

Using Pienso’s LLMs fingerprinted with their expertise, anyone with subject knowledge and a large body of language data can quickly find specific passages for further analysis and action.

The solution

In Sky’s case, having the ability to explore their call center interactions more deeply helped them discover customer issues around specific products, and areas where their support team was struggling.

Sky's discoveries led them to create a dedicated support team for Sky Glass — resolving key issues and improving NPS (Net Promoter Score, an important CS metric) by 23 points.

With Pienso’s insights, NPS went up by 170% for Sky Glass - an increase in customer satisfaction that’s far more than satisfactory.

How do we turn
negative feelings into positive ones?

Emotion tagging and sentiment analysis

Emotions are hard enough for humans to read – let alone machines. With Pienso’s advanced Deep Learning models, subject experts can tag and track emotional content with much greater nuance, making use of their existing knowledge and keeping up with new developments.

The solution

Sky runs Pienso’s Emotions model against all conversations, allowing them to capture how customers are feeling about Sky’s services and products. Through emotion tagging, they have greatly deepened their understanding of customers’ pain points.

The insights Sky discovered from emotion tagging encouraged them to design a plan just for supporting customers during house moves – relieving customers’ stress at a crucial time, and turning negative feelings into positive brand experiences.

With Pienso, we understand the themes emerging from a high volume of calls with much less time and effort, and with less subjectivity and more acuity. And the topic scoring model gets better as we evolve it.

Head of Customer Insights, SKY

Thousands of experts, dozens of industries – and as many uses as users.

  • Service-based industries

    • Revealing customer feelings
    • Triaging the most urgent issues
    • Evaluating agent performance
    • Acting to prevent customer churn
  • Government and public sector

    • Analyzing vast language datasets
    • Navigating knowledge bases
    • Tagging and tracking narratives
    • Automatically removing hate speech
  • All knowledge industries

    • Automating document analysis
    • Structuring company knowledge
    • Detecting spam and fraud
    • Moderating public channels

Your customers will thank you.

When it comes to knowing your customers better, there can only be positives – for you, for them, and for the success of your company.

  • Find out how our government and public sector clients are using Pienso’s nuanced understanding of language to track narratives and flag harmful content.

  • Explore how people across industries are using Pienso to quickly analyze documents and extract information from vast language datasets.

  • Every business has risks. Discover how our clients are spotting the subtle shifts that mean red flags, and keeping pace with risks even as they evolve.