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Large Language Models (LLMs) are immensely powerful, and their potential to be harnessed by enterprises is exciting. But this potential comes with a slew of decisions and trade-offs. Key among those decisions is the choice of whether to use a closed-source model or an open-source model….
Sky’s Customer Service team, powered by Pienso, continues to be the least complained-about provider in the UK, according to Ofcom’s 2023 Q2 report.
Pienso's CTO and co-founder, Karthik Dinakar, was recently interviewed on Prateek Joshi's popular Infinite Machine Learning podcast. Here's a preview of Karthik's intriguing responses
Building quality A.I. requires loads of experimentation with massive volumes of data - the more, the better. And traditional A.I. economics force organizations to pay for that process, before knowing the outcome. What if we could change that, and align the cost of A.I. with real ROI?